Clara – CH Villagedogs No Doubt A Diamond – is Kela’s daughter. She comes from the very old lines of Dice and her son Villagedogs Iceman. Following her mama Kela, she is nicely built with strongly bone and good angulation. She owns her beautiful gait to a very good overall balance. Clara’s wheaten coat colour is complemented by soft dark eye. Clara is a sweet, happy-go-lucky dog and mischievous girl. She always welomes us home with a present, usually one of my shoes!  She is an accomplished show dog with a champion title to her name.


About Pele

Sex Female
Born 10.01.2014
Mother MCH Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs
Father MCH Villagedogs Iceman
ED 0/0
Colour wheaten
Height 66 cm
Weight 40 kg
Teeth full scissor bite/full dentition
Ridge gene RR
Liver gene Bb
Degenerative Myelopathy Clear
EOAD (deafness) Clear



MCH Villagedogs
MCH Ikimba Watimu CH Caprivi Cool Hand Luke
CH Ikimba Sambamba
MCH Ukukhanya Midsummernight’s Dream CH Globe’s Mi-Tea Scout’s Honor
CH Ukukhanya’s Amazibulo
Pupukearidge Kela Kai O Villagedogs
CH Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly CH BIS BISSSpring Valley’s Great Gatsby
CH Deer Ridge Dream Weaver
CH Starridge Kela O Pupukea CH Starrridge African Knight
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