Villagedogs is a Rhodesian Ridgeback exhibiting kennel. We are the owners of Top Belgian Rhodesian Ridgeback  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2018.


What’s in the Name

How did dogs become man’s best friend? In past times, a wild dog would come to a village – hang out for awhile – and decide that they liked being around people. Okay, well, maybe they just came to eat the garbage. But it put canines in close contact with humans for the first time. And the nice ones became known as “Village Dogs.” The not-so-nice ones…well, they got eaten.

The Village Dogs that didn’t become dinner were useful in a lot of ways – as a hunting partner, a guard for the homestead, a companion for adults and a playmate for children. In short, Village Dogs had the kind of traits we still value the most in canines to this day – steadfast loyalty, a cheerful, playful demeanor and a strong protector.

Villagedogs Rhodesian Ridgebacks is committed to truly outstanding dogs that excel in true Rhodesian Ridgeback mentality, health and conformation – as well as being social, happy and confident….and our doors are always open for  advice.