ICE 2009

The ICE litter was born on 24th August 2009. There are 4 girl and 4 boys. The pups are now three weeks old. No major faults in this litter, no DS, no ridgless and no kinked tails. This year’s ICE litter is a repeated breeding of last year HOT litter.

You can see the puppies from 2008 HOT litter

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Ice Cristal ‘Mijo’

Sweet and gentle. Love her dark, soft eyes. Always happy. Mijo is now living with Yvette and Stuart and her new RR friend Cookie. Yvette has long given up her promise of ‘NO dogs on the sofa’.

Ice Star ‘Ibis’

Very pretty girl. The tail never stops wagging. Ibis now has a Ridgeback friend, as well as, a job to look after the motorbike shop. She will surely increase the turnover!

Ice Cookie ‘Maude’

Full of life and assertive girl. She has a soft side to her, usually in the evening, she is the first to claim on the sofa and ask for a cuddle. Cookie now lives with Eiren. She spends her day in the stables and horses and other resident dogs. What a life!

Ice on Fire ‘L’il Kim’

Substantial girl with much character. You can always find her in the middle of a scuffle with the boys. She gives as good as she gets. L’il Kim has gone back to the Ridgeback and lives in South Africa. She is a spitting image of Dice and she now gives her new mama headaches chasing goats and other live stock.

Ice Storm ‘Indy’

Lovely boy that likes human contact. He spends his evenings together with Girl 3 on the sofa. Indy lives just around the corner. He is our local celebrity with his own page on the Facebook.

Iceman ‘Ice’

The ‘man’ between the boys. Super looks with proud expression and solid temperament. Ice is living in Germany and is co-owned by me. He is learning to be a show dog when he finds a minute break from playing with Boma, his RR mate.

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