HOT 2008

In the HOT litter 6 puppies were born, 5 boys and 1 girl. The quality of the litter was very good, with no major faults, DS or kinked tails. The characters of the pups were also quite uniformed, without especially dominant or shy puppies. We’ve followed up all pups from that litter and it appears that the present owners are happy with their pups.

We like the puppies from the HOT litter so much and the decision was made to repeat this breeding the following year. This resulted in ICE litter born in the summer 2009. More information about ICE litter.

Mama’s page

Pink Boy

The Pink boy has one priority in life – food. He never skips a meal. First born, in a dark got mistaken for a girl and ended up with a pink collar. Pink Boy is now Villagedogs HotTopic ‘Nelson’. More about Nelson.

Green Girl

If she were not a dog, she would make a super opera singer. Her voice raises above them all. She also learned VERY early how to keep five boys in line. Smart girl. The Green Girl is now Villagedogs Hot’Spice ‘Haifa’.

Red Boy

Super sweet. Keeps out of trouble. Cool, calm and collected. Taking kissing lessons from the Blue boy. Always waits his turn but stays the longest. Good strategist. The Red Boy is now Villagedogs Hot ‘n Sweet ‘Kane’.

Orange Boy

His is his papa’s boy. Very good looking, sweet and affectionate. Can sleep any time, anywhere, but preferably on someone’s lap. Orange Boy is now Villagedogs HotStar ‘Elvis’.

Blue Boy

He is the most wonderful kisser. Big personality and lots of fun. Always in trouble, scratched and bruised. Full of live. Blue Boy is now Villagedogs Hot ‘n Cold ‘Mika’.

Black Boy

Last born, kept us waiting for four hours. Big voice and crafty character. Once picked up and cuddled goes quiet directly. Developing a habit for a lifetime? Black Boy is now Villagedogs HotShot.